Switch to new APIs instructions

We're happy to let you know that Helthjem has come up with new APIs that will help us keep track of your parcel bookings more accurately. To ensure that you benefit from these improvements, please update your integration with Helthjem using the instructions below.

Authorization LoginV3 API:

The authorization method remains the same - JWT token and Auth0.
Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/auth/v-3/login/1440 New PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/auth/oauth2/v1/token
New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/auth/oauth2/v1/token
In addition, we also ask that you update your request body with the credentials we have provided to the following:
{ "client_id": "{{client_id}}", "client_secret": "{{secret}}", "grant_type":"client_credentials" }
  • It is not possible to set the token validity time via API. The default validity time for tokens is now 24 hours.
  • Previously, the token expiration period could only be obtained from the JWT payload, and we have kept it that way - the exp parameter is still included in the payload. Additionally we include an โ€œexpires_inโ€ (in seconds) property in the response body that can be used instead.

Single Address Check API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/addressCheck/single/v-1/find New PRO: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single
No other modifications are required.

Booking API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/booking/v-1/book New: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings
No other modifications are required.

Event tracking API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/tracking/v-2/fetch/{identifier}/{locale}/{onlyLastEvent} New PRO: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/tracking/fetch/{identifier}/{locale}/{onlyLastEvent} New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/tracking/fetch/{identifier}/{locale}/{onlyLastEvent}
No other modifications are required.

Label API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/label/v-1/labels/{identifier}/unified-large
New PRO: https://api.helthjem.no//parcels/v1/labels/{identifier}/{type} New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no//parcels/v1/labels/{identifier}/{type}
No other modifications are required.

Nearby Service Points API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/freightcoverage/v-1/servicepoints
New PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/service-points/nearby/ New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/service-points/nearby/
No other modifications are required.

Get all Service Points API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/servicePoint/v-1/1
New PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/service-points/transporter/1 New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/service-points/transporter/1
No other modifications are required.

Parcel details API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/booking/v-1/details/{shipmentId}
New PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings/details/{shipmentId} New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings/details/{shipmentId}
No other modifications are required.

Parcel Cancel Order API:

Old end-point: https://ws.di.no/ws/json/parcel/booking/v-1/order/cancel/{identifier}
New PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings/orders/cancel/{identifier} New Pre-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/bookings/orders/cancel/{identifier}
No other modifications are required.
These changes will allow us to provide you with better and more accurate monitoring of your parcel bookings. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our technical support team at support@helthjem.com.

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