Hentepakke PUDO implementation

Helthjem's "Hentepakke" freight product is a delivery to a service point (PUDO). You can implement "Hentepakke", like all other products, directly or via a Transportation Management System (TMS) if you are already using one.
Successful implementation of “Hentepakke” requires using three APIs:

Transport solution

There are 2 options to use “Hentepakke” product:
  • Option 1: as a part of 🚛Transport solution concept using transportsolutionid:”62" The first option will be a delivery to Helthjem's service point. If not possible, a system will use a fallback to Postnord's PUDO network. This option covers 100% of Norway.
    • Alternative 1: "productName": "HELTHJEM_SHOP"" (Hentepakke, delivery to PUDO)
    • Alternative 2: "productName": "POSTNORD_MYPACK" (Postnord MyPack Collect, delivery to
  • Option 2 is to use transportsolutionid:”86" which will only deliver to Helthjem’s PUDO network with 90% of coverage in Norway and has only one alternative "productName": "HELTHJEM_SHOP"". In case of no coverage you will get "no.carrier.support” message.

Step 1: coverage check

To check the coverage send a request to 📍Single Address Check API using transportsolutionid:”62"" or transportsolutionid:”86”

Step 2: select a service point

Send customers address in a request to 📮Nearby Service Points API using transportsolutionid:”62" if you want a list of Helthjem’s and Postnord’s service points or transportsolutionid:”86” and you get only Helthjem’s service points.

Step 3: booking

Send a request to 🛎️Booking API including information about service point. See example of request/response at Booking with defined service point
Alternatively, you can exclude information about a service point and our system will automatically select the nearest one.