Single Address Check API

PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single
PRE-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single
PROD: https://api.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single PRE-PROD: https://api.pre.helthjem.no/parcels/v1/addresses/find/single
The Single Address Check API is designed to check coverage for delivery options for a given address and customer. It will take the address, contact info and delivery options in the request and give back the best delivery option and transport details for it.
Depending on the transportSolutionId you send in the request and address coverage, you will get either:
  • 🟢 200 HTTP status code and productName of available delivery method
  • 🔴 400 HTTP status code and "no.carrier.support” message, which means that Helthjem can not deliver to a address with the chosen method, i.e. transportsolution
Read more about Transport Solutions here: 🚛Transport solution concept .


If you have several Helthjem freight products in your e-commerce checkout then you have to send a request to Single Address Check API for each of them.

Example 1: Transport Solution with fall-back

With transportSolutionId:"1", we have coverage throughout Norway. The response will include one of the following options, depending on coverage:
  • Alternative 1: "productName": "HELTHJEM" (Standard home delivery)
  • Alternative 2: "productName": "Helthjem_SHOP"" (Hentepakke, delivery to PUDO)
  • Alternative 3: "productName": "POSTNORD_MYPACK" (Postnord MyPack Collect, delivery to PUDO)
  • Alternative 4: "no.carrier.support”

Request example 1

{ "shopId": "1", "transportSolutionId": "1", "customer name": "Test Customer", "address": "Kongsberggata 18", "zipCode": "0468", "postalName" : "Oslo", "countryCode" : "NO", "weight":1000, "volume": null }

Response example 1

{ "productName": "HELTHJEM", "routeName": "21516", "companyId": 1, "routing": "1-31/114-43-x21516x385", "routingCode": "1", "routeAddress": "TÃ…SENVEIEN 26", "routeDescription": "BUDSENTRAL TÃ…SEN 1", "handoverId": 3223047, "handoverCity": "OSLO", "handoverZipCode": "484", "handoverStreetName": "SANDAKERVEIEN", "handoverStreetNumber": 121, "handoverDescription": "MNO TRYKK NYDALEN", "routingDescription": "DROPP 1 TÃ…SEN", "plannedDeparture": "1600" }

Example 2: Transport Solution without fall-back

You can also use transportsolutionid without any fallbacks. This means that your customer will only see a delivery option if the address is covered. For example transportsolutionid="9" will check for “Helthjem Express” delivery coverage and nothing else.
Possible responses:
  • Alternative 1: "productName": "HELTHJEM_EKSPRESS" (Express home delivery)
  • Alternative 2: "no.carrier.support” (No coverage for an address)

Request example 2

{ "shopId": "1", "transportSolutionId": "9", "customer name": "Test Customer", "address": "Trondheimsveien 80", "zipCode": "0565", "postalName" : "Oslo", "countryCode" : "NO", "weight":1000, "volume": null }

Response example 2

{ "productName": "HELTHJEM_EKSPRESS", "routeName": "22619", "companyId": 1, "routing": "17-0-x22619x701", "routingCode": "D", "routeAddress": "OLAF SCHOUS VEI 2", "routeDescription": "BUDSENTRAL SINSEN 2", "handoverId": 3223047, "handoverCity": "OSLO", "handoverZipCode": "484", "handoverStreetName": "SANDAKERVEIEN", "handoverStreetNumber": 121, "handoverDescription": "MNO TRYKK NYDALEN", "routingDescription": "SINSEN", "plannedDeparture": "2230" }